About Artfetí

We are Artists and we worship the Art of visual Fetish artworks. Fetish is like the Art appeals to our deepest emotions and they are destined to be together, Fetish and Art.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote aesthetics and beauty of Fetish Art in all forms including paintings, digital artworks, fetish photography and footage and modern art installations.

We reject simplified, primitive and domestic fetish visuals, appealing to fetish objects you should chase the beauty and perfection of the fetish impression, captured within Fetish Artworks.

About Artfetí

Artfetí is a heavily moderated 18+ community of fetish artists, bloggers and models who would like to promote the beauty and aesthetics of Art of Fetish. Heavy moderation is essential to keep our mission live and block primitive or pornographic representation of Fetish subculture.

We encourage you to use other web-portals with a more practical down-to-earth approach if you are not interested in the artistic part of Fetish visualization, otherwise – Welcome to Artfeti!