Ego Assassin

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The name “ego assassin” refers to the philosophy that you can remake yourself into any person you want to be, if only you can set aside all preconceived notions about who you are. Latex clothing, being the perfect medium for transformation, allows you to become any character or creature you’d like to be.

ego assassin, based in Toronto, Canada is owned and operated by James Hagarty, a graphic designer and screen printer, and Slinka, a former fetish model. The company was started by James in 2003 as a custom designed t-shirt and screen printing business and moved into screen printing latex a year later.

ego assassins signature style focuses on colorful, wearable pieces that serve as a platform for their distinctive printed graphics. Design influences and inspiration come from spy movies, concept art, comic books, and custom motorcycles. Many of the prints are inspired by vintage woodcuts, classical Japanese paintings, and Native American art. They also specialise in laser-cut designs, to create fishnet and other patterns.

ego assassin also offers a growing range of classes teaching the basics of latex construction. The goal of these classes is to further develop and support the growing latex community in Canada and abroad. Their latest workshop, RUB 201, which covers the principles of latex corsetry, is generally sold out well in advance.

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