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Rubber Eva is a fetish film actress, based in Europe. She is the owner is of various fetish, rubber and plastic-oriented websites, film production companies, and a fetish clothing/item label.

Although Rubber Eva used to make appearances and perform at many international fetish events, she stopped her public appearances in order to focus completely on her other fetish activities. In 2011, Evas Twitter page shows her living in France, but in reality she has several European locations from which she lives her lifestyle.

Eva is most regarded by some fetish fans for her large breasts, which were augmented extensively during the early 2000s. While she is noted in the fetish arena for such large augmentations, her enhancements are not as large as those of specialist breast models, but this was only done for her own pleasure and not for any other reasons.

Nowadays, Eva is best known as the Matron of the vastly successful The Rubber Clinic online series. Here, together with her rubber patients, she engages in elaborate rubber attire and settings in watersports and medical treatments. To date, over 25 female patients and two male patients have been featured, although Evas charter seems to expand gradually. On an output and a new content basis, R.E Productions and its publications can be viewed as one of the few reliable fetish, latex fetish male to female sex film production companies. Up to 2007 R.E. Productions was located in the UK, but is now registered and based in the Netherlands.

After her deliberate choice to focus more on her production work, Eva retired from performing with other produvers and avoids direct responses. Many believe this is reinforced by Evas personal nature and her appreciation of privacy, which she sees as a highly appreciated part of her rubberist lifestyle.

Content dating as early as the late 90s has been reported but in reality it is early 2000s. It is believed that at that time Eva published her personal fetish passions (mainly pictures) on-line through the Rubber Eva website. In addition, Eva has been seen to model for many renowned fetish photographers, e.g. the late Bob Zak, former owner of GwenMedia, and many others. However, moving into the 21th century, Eva wanted to focus more on producing content for her personal publications instead of engaging in cooperative projects which never fulfilled the reality of their promises.

In 2006, Eva became the owner and main star of Piss Bag Productions and Video Eva Streaming Videos. Productions from this time on showcase her as Eva, and of course Matron from The Rubber Clinic. These new high quality HD fetish productions feature a variety of heavy rubber fetish imagery, but seems to focus more on water sports, breath reduction and full body enclosure. Nevertheless, Eva still finds room to present herself and her and her fetish co-stars in breathtaking detail. Under Evas guidance, Piss Bag Productions and Video Eva has proved to produce a steady and consistent stream of fresh, high quality fetish imaginary and content.

In 2005, Eva launched her hugely popular The Rubber Clinic website. Apart from offering stunningly high quality content, Eva pioneered fetish web experiences with the use of high quality media applications. This enabled her to offer HD video streams to her fellow rubber and clinic enthusiasts. Up to this day, The Rubber Clinic caters for a global and wide range of rubber fans, upholding the main pillars of Evas personal philosophy: delivering new fresh material continuously without compromising on quality, accessibility, frequency, or the range of (new) performers.

As well as her known latex and rubber based work, Eva also introduced a new line, called Plastic Lovers, focussing on PVC/plastic fetishes in both lesbian pleasures and hard boy/girl features. These productions were released on Evas “Fixation Films” label, and do not feature Rubber Eva herself. With “Plastic Lovers”, Eva has created a platform for content that includes females and couples wearing plastic garments, like for example see-through PVC and rainwear, often in outdoor, real world settings. Many believe that, apart from reflecting Evas personal wide range of fetish interests, Plastic Lovers is also Evas tribute to the post-war rainwear and “Wellie” pioneers of the current day fetish movement.

Additionally, Eva also produces an adult baby and diaper fetish production site, Plastic Nappy. The site features female models in plastic baby attire, often engaged in lesbian settings. As with her other productions, Eva produces this site, but has never been reported to appear on the Plastic Nappy site herself.

In 2005, Eva began a latex fetish fashion re-sale website that featured items that she used herself for her own film productions. Originally, most of the products featured were custom made items, e.g. suspension vac-beds large enough for two people at the same time, and elaborate latex costumes that have been shown in her website productions.

In 2010, Evas shop was completely revamped and now features Evas personally designed garments and items under the label “Rubber Eva Clothing”. In order to meet Evas personal approval, her products are manufactured in London, U.K., where the fetish clothing industry has its roots, all major designers and manufactures have been trained, and, as a result, products can be produced at the highest possible quality standards.

At present, the Rubber Eva Shop carries a wide variety of fetish garments and items, ranging from traditional latex fetish costumes (e.g. rubber hoods, rubber uniforms, unique rubber adult baby wear, any different styles and models of rubber catsuits) to more exclusive fetish creations. All items are reported to have been designed by Eva personally, are produced by hand, and due to Evas personal designs 100% exclusive to her shop. Nevertheless, Eva manages to offer this to her fellow fetish enthusiasts at very competitive prices, underlining her personal philosophy to make fetish pleasures available to all.

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